How To Make Your Narrow Lot Home Even More ‘Grand’

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  • September 27, 2016

Back in 2014 Grand Designs wholesale nba jerseys host Kevin McCloud said that the “shift towards small spaces does not need to mean poky, cramped living”. He added that if you are living in a smaller space, ein it forces you to think about the size and functionality Mein of your possessions, your furniture and where things will go. Kevin said it also makes realise how important natural light and storage is.

Whilst narrow lot homes can be built up to have a second storey much of what Kevin McCloud said two years ago still rings true today. o Houses built on a small or narrow lot are becoming more and more creative, stylish and innovative. Follow Kevin McCloud’s words of wisdom to make your narrow lot home a grand design:

  1. Brighten Your Home

The best thing you can do in your narrow lot home is let in as much natural light as possible and bounce it around the room. You can achieve this by placing large mirrors on the walls and by purchasing items with reflective surfaces. Transparent furniture will also trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is.

As a general rule it’s great to have at least three sources of lights in a room. General light such as the overhead light in a room, specific light such as a small lamp and ambient light from sources such as candles.

  1. Streamline your furniture

When you are living in wholesale nba jerseys a slim a home it cheap jerseys is best to maximise the space b?sta by getting rid of unnecessary and bulky furniture. Lots What you can’t throw out, mount. Getting things off the floor and placing them on shelves or cupboards on the wall will make all the difference in your narrow lot home.

You can mount your TV on the wall rather than having it on a TV cabinet and use floating shelves instead of having a big display cabinet in your living room. Fold away chairs, sofa beds, pull out ironing boards and adjustable tables are also a smart investment.

  1. Storage is paramount

Swap intrusive furniture that takes up too much space, with beautiful multi purpose pieces that will keep your belongings safe and tidy.

A large wooden chest is a little out of place in a narrow lot home so opt for a comfortable storage ottoman that doubles as a chest and a chair and footrest. The same goes with a huge chest of drawers; replace it with hanging storage or place dividers inside so it at least keeps everything separate and visible.

All it takes to get your narrow lot home beautiful, spacious and cosy is making smart decisions about the lighting, furniture and The storage you use. If you’re looking to get a wholesale nba jerseys grand narrow lot home for yourself, speak to Renowned Homes Narrow now email or phone (08) 9202 9255